The All-New Hyundai Creta

Nothing short of a blockbuster, the 1st generation Creta was a hit amongst most, with love or hate reaction to the car, there was no grey area of feelings. But with its predecessor staying on top of the game and ruling the market right till the end of its life, will the new-gen Creta be able to leave the same impression this time around? Let’s find out.

The car is now offered with multiple variants and gearbox options. The top variant is offered only with the automatic gearbox option

The new design language of Hyundai is clearly visible and is on similar lines to that of the Palisade. With a lot of attention drawn to the way it looks, the new Hyundai Creta has received polarised opinions. The vehicle is visibly larger with creases over the arches,  broad shoulders, and silver accent roofline that ends on the c-pillar on all variants and colours. The 3 part split lamp is new, with a large flat nose that houses a large grill. The rear lamp design is carried over to the back of the car and gets the same 3 part split treatment.

Underneath the hood
The car packs both petrol and diesel engines ready to meet the BSVI emission norms. It shares the engine with its sibling, the Kia Seltos which is a 4 cylinder, 1353 cc Turbo petrol motor that produces 140 hp and 242 NM of Torque. The top variant comes with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. With that kind of power, the engine feels sporty and picks up speed effortlessly. Though the Kia Seltos shares the gearbox, Hyundai Creta’s DCT is a better gear shifter making the pickups smoother rather than the aggressive lift-off in the Kia Seltos.

The car comes equipped with 3 drive modes that you can drive: Sport, Eco, and the Normal mode. The sport offers great fun, the normal mode is good for city use while the Eco mode dulls down the engine performance to gain better fuel efficiency. Though you can feel the car dulling down in the Eco mode, it makes it really good for the city commute as well. The good part is that you can experience the change in characteristics of the car based on the mode.

The Paddle shifters are what you need to take the car to the limits when you want something extra. They make it feel more sporty and fun but it also does get a little noisy at higher RPMs.

So will the 2nd Generation Creta stand the test of time and be able to rule the market just like its predecessor? Well, stick around to know more

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