Buying a Jawa? Read this

While some brands may have a rich history in the market, the competition today is sure to make the buyers think before putting down their money on anything.

22 years later, Czech manufacturer Jawa is back with a very retro nature of the design, replicating much from the designs their bikes had decades ago. It does strike an emotional chord in the hearts of bike enthusiasts. The bike has a feel to it with good fit and finish of materials and elements. But can Jawa live up to the hype? Launched in 1967 the old bike had perfect build proportions with all the good elements that made the bike fun to ride. Here are some things that you should know before you zero-in on the bike.


1.    Jawa has entered the market with 3 new models (All prices are ex-showroom)

a.    Jawa- INR 1.64 lakh
b.    Jawa 42- INR 1.55 lakh
c.    Jawa Perak (The Bobber)- INR 1.89 lakh

2.    Mated to a six-speed transmission, all 3 bikes are 293cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, four-stroke engines with 28 NM of max. torque and 27 PS of max. power

3.    If you’re a fan of the Bobber, then this is as cheap as it gets (for now)

4.    The Jawa Classic is more than 20 kgs lighter than its nearest rival Royal Enfield Classic 350 which means it has the better fuel efficiency

Optional dual-channel ABS and rear disc brake 


1.    Dealer network- While the brand had already opened 110+ dealerships by the time of the launch, time will tell whether the bike owners become proud owners or a source of bad marketing. Hopefully, they won’t have to face service and spare part issues, much like what the customers of new car brands have been facing. Their dealerships are lower in number as compared to Royal Enfield

2.    No Kick Start option- Bike enthusiasts will surely miss this feature that Jawa has skipped altogether. The kick start option would have added more vintage feel to the product

If you’re a bullet lover, then you’ll surely miss the thump sound that Royal Enfield offers

And yes, the biggest concern for all the people who have booked a Jawa is the waiting period which has gone up to 10 months now

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