BMW Series 8 Gran Coupe

With the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe now in the market, it feels like the 8 series has been reborn. It’s a sports car with space for 4 people but has the same sports car like performance. The BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe 840i is the car we’ll get in India. The changed and upgraded designing of the new BMW cars is more aggressive than ever. The nose is low slung more like a sports car with a free-flowing roof and bold and strong shoulders, the 8 Series is a luxury Grand Tourer or also called the 4 door GT. The car promises you aggressive looks, luxury, and thrilling performance.

The headlights come with hexagonal LED DRLs that are fitted inside the lamps which don’t fuse with the wide nose grills. Coming on to the rear, it is the most attractive bit of the car giving it a more aggressive stance. It has an integrated Ducktail spoiler that reminds you of a Porche 911 from the ’70s. Getting a sportscar like performance from this 1.8-ton machine requires it to have the right machine under the hood with perfect supporting components like the chassis, gearbox, suspension, and weight distribution. Compared to the two-door coupe, the 4 door Gran Coupe has a 201mm longer wheelbase.

This turbocharged machine produces 340 PS of horsepower and 500 NM of torque using an e-differential at the rear. The engine produces a typical BMW straight-six snarl with the driving pleasure and speed of a sports car that gives you comfort and allows you to enjoy at the same time. The car feels incredibly agile because of the BMWs rear-wheel steering or integral active steering even after having really long wheelbase. The car gives you immense confidence to take you through the corners even at high speeds making it feel planted on the road.

You can feel the low sports car like seating of the car the moment you step inside the cabin.
The shallow windows give it the feel of a cockpit supported by the grand central console that runs through the length of the cabin with the 4 individual sports seats that make it look different from the inside. A Bowers and Wilkins audio system with a 10.25-inch touch screen adds a symphony to your long rides in this luxurious car.

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