Your Car’s Best Bet in This Heat

Any car lover knows how important tire quality is to get the maximum performance of the vehicle in extreme weather conditions. There are many options available in the market based on cornering power, acceleration and braking capabilities etc. In this sweltering heat, you need to make sure that your car is running on great tires with uncompromised quality so that its performance remains uninterrupted. You need to ensure that the tires are best in speed and agility. They also need to be very responsive and adept at stable corner handling.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S: The 2017 version of this series wins hands down as far as summer tires are concerned. They are a unique combination of all the best features from the Super Sport series and the Sport Cup 2 of the same brand. Naturally, these tires are equipped to take on wet and dry ground with equal traction and stability. Its grip on rough terrains is simply marvellous. The steering as delightfully precise and the handling is stable, making it a great choice for city roads as well as off-road tracks. If you don’t mid the price point, go for this without a second thought.

Bridgestone Potenza RE-11: These tires will surely impress you with their traction on wet and dry grounds. The technology is the same as that of Formula 1 and Gran Prix 2 race tires, so you are assured of nothing less than world-class quality. A unique feature of this tire is the 3-D Seamless Stealth technology, which makes the driving experience all the more delightful with its superb cornering grip. These tires provide a surprisingly comfortable driving experience along with good treadlife, making it one of the best summer tires out there.

Continental ExtremeContact Sport: This series was launched to provide maximum performance in the summer for sport cars and luxury vehicles. It makes use of Continental’s flagship technology to provide superior structural strength to the tires so that they turn out only exceptional performance. These tires provide stunning grip on wet ground thanks to their +Silane tread compound technology, so you are assured of a safe and pleasant drive in those occasional spells of rain in the summer. These tires come with 30,000 miles – 6-year tread life warranty, cementing their position as one of the best in the segment.
We hope this list helped you zero in on the best tires for your vehicle’s best performance this summer.

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