What Makes the Lexus NX 300 the Bestselling SUV That It Is?

The 2019 Lexus 300 is the smallest SUV in Lexus’ line-up, and an ideal pick for those looking for entry-level SUVs in the luxury segment. This latest offering from the house of Lexus is already a bestseller, thanks to the brand name which promises nothing less than superior performance and unparalleled comfort. But the NX 300 is much more than just a brand name. The tough, sporty exterior combined with the cosy interior boasting of plush, comfortable seats, is nothing short of a design marvel. Available in 3 trims starting at $37,380, this compact SUV left us nothing short of impressed.
Which trim to choose?
The three trims are priced as follows:
NX300: $37,380
NX300 F Sport: $39,770
NX300h: $39,730
We recommend going for the F sport because the added cost is a one-time investment, and the features you get are totally worth it. The supportive sport bucket seats, G-force and turbo-boost gauges, unique wheels, and an aggressively styled front grille and lower bumper in this trim are sure to take your driving experience to another level.
What is the make and performance of the car like?
Starting with the engine and transmission, after just one drive we were amazed by its linear power delivery, smooth shifts and firm brake-pedal feel. The engine is a 235-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder one with a six-speed automatic, and front-wheel drive. No wonder the drive feels so smooth and powerful. As far as acceleration is concerned, the F sport trim turns out an average 0 to 60 mph in 6.9 seconds. While we expected slightly better from the NX 300 in this respect, we are still not complaining.
How does the NX 300 perform on real roads?
The NX 300 drives equally smoothly on highways as well as traffic, slowing down with equal ease as it speeds up. Its hybrid powertrain makes the drive peppy, and the light steering makes it a breeze to drive around in roads that have a lot of bends. Coming to fuel economy, the nonhybrid NX managed 27 mpg in real roads, while the hybrid scored a 32 mpg in the same test.
What is the interior of the car like?
True to the brand name, the interior of the Lexus 300 is as classy as ever. It has plush seats which are supremely comfortable in the front., Even the passenger seats are quite roomy and above average for the class. To be precise the Lexus delivers 42.8 inches of stretch-out space for front-seat occupants.
Moving on to the technology, Lexus offers a comprehensive list of standard and optional connectivity features in the NX, and the infotainment system’s software is easy to learn. The 8-inch (standard) and 10.3-inch (optional) infotainment display is quite impressive, though the touchpad interface could have been a little more user-friendly. No matter the display, Lexus offers Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa, and a Wi-Fi hotspot as standard equipment This offers you enough options to stay connected to your favourite driving playlist while on the highway.
How safe is the NX 300?
As far as safety features are concerned, Lexus leaves no stones unturned to provide you with utmost safety as you opt for this SUV. Key safety features include:
  • Standard automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection
  • Standard lane-keeping assist
  • Standard adaptive cruise control
Although we would have loved a backup camera with a higher resolution, we are willing to let go of that gripe simply because of how much we love this car.
Overall, if you are looking for the brand name of Lexus along with great performance, great interiors and standard fuel economy; and do not care particularly about an aggressive acceleration, the new Lexus NX 300 is the right car for you.

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