Protect your car from the chill with these snow tires

All-season tires are great. Sure. But if you are in the frozen North or are planning to take a road trip this winter, they just don’t cut it. Because what you need is not mere average, everyday performance, but powerful performance from powerful tires that mean business. Tires that cut through the snow and rule the road, taking you on a safe and fun drive no matter how much the mercury dips. While the market is flooded with snow tires, with every brand launching multiple variants, it can be quite daunting to get the right fit for your car. And we understand that you do not want to take a chance on tires. Your wheels after all, determine your safety on the road. So, we have picked out only the best for you in this list:
  1. Dunlop Winter Maxx WM01: If you are looking for efficient winter tires that also won’t burn a hole in your pocket, the Dunlop Winter Maxx WM01 is the right choice for you. As far as braking is concerned, this set is almost at par with any pricey model out there, thus guaranteeing you unparalleled safety on the road. A unique feature of these tires is the asymmetric tread design, that helps it eliminate unnecessary noise while running.
  2. BFGoodrich Winter Slalom KSI: Designed with multiple traction-increasing technologies, these tires offer you the best traction you could ever get, no matter how snowy and slippery the roads get. Some of the unique features of these tires include specialized rubber compounds and high-density siping to give your car superior grip in snow and on ice, thus taking your driving safety to another level. These tires have been uniquely designed with channels in the tread pattern to repel snow and slush.
  3. Gislaved Nordfrost 200: While this Swedish brand is not quite heard-of, and not very easy to pronounce, we assure you that the quality of these tires is truly world-class. With their asymmetrical tread pattern and a V-shaped inner area, they ensure a continuous water flow to prevent snow and slush from getting stuck in your wheels and freezing them out. They are designed with combination of 3D stepped sipes on the tire’s centre and saw-toothed sipes to give you superior grip.
  4. Michelin X-Ice Xi3: The brand name of Michelin itself comes with the guarantee of superior performance. These studless tires are specifically designed for cars, vans and small crossover vehicles. They also work in a way to reduce fuel consumption, to reduce your carbon footprint as well as fuel expenses. The sipes of this tire have a zig-zag pattern, to keep eliminating any water that  might have gotten inside. In addition, these tires offer the best in category traction, thus ensuring your driving safety.
  5. Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9: The Scandinavians have left us impressed with their superior designing and quality, yet again. Even if you cannot pronounce the name of this brand correctly, we recommend you go for it because the performance will leave you thoroughly impressed. These tires have a unique, patented double-stud appearance, which gives it optimal grip in straight roads as well as ones with a lot of bends. The studs on the tire have their pointed edge biting into the slippery stuff during braking and acceleration, so you can drive easily, no matter how much speed you pick up.
These were the best winter tires in the market which will give you superior performance over the years and are totally worth your money. Go through the list and pick any one that fits your requirements, and drive worry-free this winter.

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