Power Up Your Vehicle with the Best Inverter

Are you one of those people who are always on the go? So much so, that the only place you find to charge your phone or laptop is in your car? Even though most cars these days are equipped with USB ports, it is always a good idea to have a car inverter in case you want to be away from home for a longer period of time, so you don’t end up losing connectivity. Even for smaller emergencies like connecting a hair dryer, an inverter will always come handy. Today we have picked out some of the most hardworking inverters in the market across vehicle categories, so read through the list and take your pick!
1. Krieger Kr1500 1500-Watt 12v Dual Car Power Inverter: This thoughtfully designed power inverter from Krieger is simple, user-friendly and affordable. With an 1100-watt capacity for AC devices, the build of this inverter is sturdy and durable. One of its unique features include legs that allow you to mount it in your car for convenience. It is also equipped with a 3-foot long 4-gauge cable to hook up to your car battery and it has a digital readout display too. This remote operated device also ensures extra safety in the form of a fuse for overload protection and promises you quality for the long term with a 3-year long warranty.
2.Whistler PRO800W 800-Watt Power Inverter: If it is a basic inverter you are looking for, without the bells and the whistles, and you are tight on budget, look no further than the Whistler PRO800W. It is portable, handy and at a super affordable price of less than 40 dollars. An 800-watt capacity at this price point is quite impressive. While not being the best brand out there, and without fancy features, this inverter holds up quite well on its own because of its solid performance. With two AC outlets, a USB outlet, and an easy to use ON/OFF switch, it gets the basics right. It can easily be mounted to any surface, thus adding to its versatility.
3. Energizer Power Inverters: For larger vehicles, this 4000-watt inverter is the perfect pick. For continuous usage, expect 4000 watts of power and it can even peak up to 8000 watts. This heavy-duty inverter can be connected directly to a 12V DC battery to power all sorts of appliances including microwaves, power tools, TVs, gaming consoles, and other home electronics, thus making sure you get a solid bang for your buck. Other cool features include LCD display for input voltage, output wattage, and battery level, and a thermal fan for cooling after continued use. 4 USB charging ports make sure you can plug in many devices all at once and utilise your time efficiently.
4. AMPEAK 2000W: If you want a solid, heavy duty, no-nonsense inverter to power up your RV, the AMPEAK 2000W is the perfect buy. With a maximum power output of 4000 surge watts this inverter guarantees you nothing less than a perfect performance over the years. There are 3 AC outlets available, which are enough for all devices like cell phones and digital cameras, and even bigger ones like electrical fans, freezers, floodlights and microwaves. This inverter comes with some added protection features, which earns it major brownie points from us. These features include three cooling fans and an audible alarm to quickly alert you about overloads, over voltage or overheating.  
5. Power TechON 3000W: If your dream vehicle is less conventional than a car, let’s say a boat, the perfect inverter for you is the Power TechON 3000 Pure Sine Wave. This inverter is equipped with dual AC inputs, one USB port and a hardware terminal, and it has a huge capacity of 6000 watts in surge power. This inverter comes equipped with specific safety features meant for travelling on the waterways, which only add to its credibility. This inverter is equipped with the unique ability to convert DC to AC power and can be operated with a remote for maximum convenience. It is capable of charging multiple devices to provide you with maximum convenience while you are away from land.
These were our top picks from power inverters in the market. We hope you got a suitable one for your kind of vehicle, and are ready to use it for your home on wheels!

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