Is the Ford Ranger Indeed the Rugged Workhorse It is Designed to Be?

The new Ford Ranger that is launched in 2019, claims to be ready for every challenge that the road throws at it. Ford says it is designed to be your companion in the toughest of weather and road conditions, whether you want to pull or carry heavy loads, or even drive through rough terrains. Along with this, Ford has also tried to up the comfort factor for buyers who want passenger car luxuries fitted to their pick-up truck, to keep up with category rivals such as the Mitsubishi L200, Mercedes-Benz X-Class, Nissan Navara and Volkswagen Amarok.
The new generation of the Ford Ranger has three styles to choose from, namely: the two-seat Regular Cab, the four-seat Super Cab and the five-seat Double Cab, which is the most popular one thanks to its versatility and practicality.
Priced at a starting range of $24,300, the new 2019 Ford Ranger does not come cheap. It is in fact, one of the most expensive vehicles in its class, so we can only hope that it turns out to be well worth its price. The standard configuration is a rear-wheel drive with a four-person short cab and a 6-foot bed. All models offer the same powertrain, so rest assured, you don’t have to shell out extra for a stronger engine or different transmission.
The interior of the new Ford Ranger looks way plusher and more welcoming than its contenders. The light-coloured real leather seats add a touch of class while the higher seats add more comfort for the driver. Moving on to the technology provided inside the cabin, the new Ranger has the basic Ford tech interface that consists of a colour screen and supporting buttons. It is equipped with Apple CarPlay, Android Audio and additional USB ports, so it is definitely more car-like than its predecessors, but we would be happy if it included a touchscreen.
The Ranger’s technology may not be the latest and the coolest, but it totally delivers on the promise of safety that Ford is known for. Every model is equipped with forward-collision warning and automatic braking, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot warning and rear cross-traffic alert. A unique feature which in our opinion justifies the price tag of the Ranger, is the Terrain Management system that provides four drive modes based on various surfaces (normal/grass, gravel and snow/mud and ruts/sand). This ensures you of equally good performance from your Ranger, no matter where you go.
Moving on to the engine, the Ranger does not fail us in terms of turning out not one, but 3 solid engine options that are tough enough for the truck. These are four-cylinder 2.2-litre units with 128bhp or 157bhp respectively and a 197bhp five-cylinder 3.2-litre unit.
After a thorough analysis of the make of the car, it was time to test its performance. Like all pickup trucks, the Ranger bobs on the smallest bumps on the road, making it a bouncy ride. Even then in our opinion it does a better job of absorbing the shock than its rivals. Unexpectedly, the Ranger has one of the nimblest steering we could ever expect from this category.
For greater fuel efficiency, we recommend keeping your Ranger in two-wheel drive mode on the road. This also helps it to steer with greater finesse at low speed.
Overall, the 2019 Ford Ranger does not disappoint in terms of performance. If you want a sturdy buddy for carrying load around as well as taking you through tough terrains, we suggest you go for this.

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