Does Audi Score One with Its Electric SUV?

When Audi revealed its 2020 launch, the E Tron, a quiet electric SUV, all eyes were on it. And with good reason. This automobile giant has turned out brilliant cars well worth its price tag in the past. Naturally, this SUV, which is similar to the brand's Q5 and Q8 in shape and size, became the object of our curiosity. In fact, it is so similar to the Q range that it could have easily passed off as a Q6 or something. This car preserves all of the signature Audi features. Add to it a 240-volt in-home charging system, and this truly is a best of both old and new. Should you run out of charge outside of home, not to worry. Electrify America has placed 95 charging locations each with a capacity of 150-kW. All you need to do is download an app, link it to your credit card, scan in the charger you want to use, and jack it in for the charging to begin.
Coming to the engine, this SUV has front and rear motors capable of delivering a joint 355 horsepower, assuring you of a powerful and smooth ride. This car is built sturdy enough to take you through all kinds of roads no matter what the weather is like or how long you have been driving. The silence with which it drives is truly astonishing. The acceleration is unbelievable at 5.5 seconds for 60 mph. The entire smoothness and silence is frankly quite novel for an SUV and while we are digging it, this may not be the jam for thrill seekers. But then again, this model is not intended for them. All it seeks to do is to convert mainstream car drivers to electric car users.
To be fair, there are quite a few features we had fun trying out. The battery regeneration works by increasing and decreasing the brake- and torque either manually (by pedals on the steering wheel) or automatically (using adaptive cruise control and GPS system). This helps the car slow down based on the topography of the terrain you are driving in so that the car can retain efficiency and battery regeneration. It also has a one-pedal driving feature, which is very handy in traffic.
Overall, the Tron is a decent attempt on Audi’s part to enter the electronic market, following the response to which is will launch electronic models of sports cars and sedans.

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