Top Rated Hybrid Cars of 2019

A hybrid car comes equipped with a petrol engine and an electric motor, each of which is capable of running it. As such, it is the best of both worlds. It is any day more environment friendly than normal cars running on fossil fuel, and more practical than electric cars which just won’t run if you forget to charge them. If this is not reason enough, hybrid cars cost less in terms of on-road taxes due to their lesser carbon footprint. Whatever be your reason, a hybrid car is surely the way to go! Automobile companies have sensed the pulse of this ever-expanding market and have come up with hybrid options in various categories. Naturally, we were spoiled for choice, but we managed to pick out the best 5 for you. Read on to find out!
1.       Toyota Prius: The trailblazer of the hybrid segment, is back in 2019 with its fourth-generation model. The latest version has upgraded the engine to be even more powerful and economical. The biggest selling point of this car is the ease of driving it in city roads as well as on highways, at a greater speed. The safety and comfort are unparalleled with this model, as is its Toyota Safety Sense suite of driver-assistance features. The latest versions have been designed for a sportier feel, all for a very affordable price-tag. It is no wonder that this car continues to retain the top spot in this category as always.

2.       Chevrolet Volt: This midsize sedan wins with its amazing electric-only driving range of 50 miles. Other notable features of this car include heated front and rear leather seats and remote start, plus some very driver-friendly features that include automated parking, lane departure warning and parking sensors. It does not disappoint in terms of the basics, with its ample cargo space and stylish design. All this for a price tag of around $35000 seems like quite the deal!
3.       RAM 1500: If you want to save up on your carbon footprints and feel adventurous while doing so, the RAM 1500 is your best bet. This all wheel or four-wheel drive lands a solid performance with its power-packed eTorque system. Although it can’t power the truck on its own, but it makes it smoother and more efficient in town roads as well as the rougher terrains. This eTorque is offered in both the V6 and V8 versions of the truck, so you have plenty of configurations to choose from if you want to haul or tow while doing your bit for the environment. The advanced models even have an infotainment system. What more could you ask for!
4.       BMW 530E: Moving to the luxury segment, BMW does it right with this hybrid sedan. Even without the hybrid feature which makes it that much more practical and “cool”, this sedan truly stands out in its own right. It is as stylish as it is powerful, and true to the BMW reputation, a breeze to drive. 530E adds a more efficient powertrain that allows the driver to travel further between fill-ups. With its 9.2-kWh battery pack fully charged, the plug-in can travel for about 29 miles on electric power alone, which is a reasonably good number. It does not come cheap at a $54000, but hey, with all these features and the brand name of BMW, we are not complaining!

5.       Lexus ES 300H: Make heads turn with this luxurious hybrid sedan redesigned in 2019 for even better performance. True to the brand name of Lexus, this beauty holds good on its promise of understated style, latest technology, superior comfort and excellent fuel economy. The noiseless cabin only adds to the smooth driving experience. At a starting price of $42000, this conventional hybrid indeed lives up to our expectations.

While we are absolutely crazy about all these hybrid options, did you find one that matches your budget and needs? Then get set to save the planet in style and drive safe!

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