Top 5 SUVs of 2019

Looking to switch up your car game from your beaten old hatchback? Or are you someone who is about to buy his first car ever, and has his eyes set on the adventurous feel of a tough SUV? Whatever be your reason, we have rounded up the top 5 SUVs of this year for you. Browse through our list and take your pick from SUVs across various price ranges and equipped with diverse features:
1.       Hyundai Kona: With an on-road price between $19,990 - $31,950, this toughie comes with all the safety features that were optional in previous models. You can also opt for a turbocharged engine that provides quick acceleration, for those fun-filled weekend outings when you need to pick up pace. This sporty subcompact SUV with above-average acceleration and handling comes with supportive seats, easy-to-use climate control, and above-average noise isolation. These features combined ensure a safe, smooth and thrilling ride for you.

2.       MINI Countryman: If you are willing to raise your budget to anywhere between $26,900 - $37,900, this small SUV has totally won our hearts. This launch is part of the second Countryman generation introduced in 2017 and comes in a revamped trim structure. The sturdy exterior and the stylish yet comfortable interiors truly set this one apart from its competitors, while the promise of high-quality material from this brand holds as true as ever. While the cargo area is slightly small, it does provide a fun and safe driving experience for a small family. The newest version of Mini's user interface is more attractive than ever before, and the maps seems less cluttered, making the process of navigation a joyride. Voice controls work well with natural voice commands, making the drive experience as comfortable as you could ask for.
3.       Volkswagen Tiguan: This 3-row SUV is on the smaller side of things. However, do not go by its looks, as the cargo space it offers may actually leave you surprised! It has been launched in 2019 with revised trim design and feature availability and is part of the second generation of Tiguan launched in 2018. Apart from the 3-row seating which is most convenient for large families or for large groups of friends making outdoor plans for the weekend, this compact beauty comes with a tech interface that is intuitive and user-friendly, and the warranty period is longer than most competitors. Even though the fuel economy is less than top-notch, we would still rate this car highly because of its supreme comfort and easy driving experience.
4.       Toyota Land Cruiser: The cult SUV is back. And it is better than ever before. An all-time favourite of most SUV enthusiasts, this launch is part of the sixth Land Cruiser generation introduced in 2008. It is, beyond any doubt, one of the sturdiest SUVs that money could ever buy. It promises you a comfortable and safe ride, with a commanding view of the road ahead. And true to its name, it does deliver on these promises. Even though it does set you back by a whopping $85,015, its all-day seat comfort and noiseless ride experience totally justify the price point. Power is ample, and the brakes are excellent. While the rough and tough design makes for an action-packed off-road driving experience, it is surprisingly efficient while performing on town roads as well.
5.       Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class: If a little touch of luxury is what you want to add to those adventurous weekends away from town, the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class is the perfect option for you. This crossover SUV is one of the best in the luxury segment. The newest version is now known as the GLE 400 and comes with a turbocharged V6. The previously optional all-wheel drive is now standard. The interior is free from the noise of tires and comes with the luxurious touch of Mercedes. It is quite spacious as well, and is abundantly equipped with standard safety, tech and luxury features. While this car does not come cheap at $55,700 - $110,200, the solid performance of an SUV coupled with the luxurious and high-quality interiors from Mercedes, totally justify its price for us.

These were our top picks of the best SUVs of 2019, across price ranges and size categories. Did you find your dream wheels from this list? Then get set and zoom off for a test drive!

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