Top 5 sedans of 2019

For most people, the good old 4 door sedan is synonymous with “car”, and with good reason. A lot of people need a car for solo driving most of the week, and weekends out with family. Fuel efficiency and cargo space rank high on the consideration list for them, and sedans are a perfect marriage of the two. Sedans strike the right balance between comfort and style and provide enough cargo space for your family to pack in the perfect weekend picnic. Nowadays companies are revamping mainstream sedans to improve their flexibility in terms of features and performance. So, look no further than our list to pick the perfect sedan this year!

1.       Honda Accord: Undoubtedly the car of the year. Honda has been continuously evolving this beauty since decades to make sure it gets featured in every best car list. It offers enough space for passengers and cargo, and evolved safety measures for a powerful yet safe driving experience. This lively 4 door sedan is equipped with a dual zone auto climate control, Bluetooth and 2 USB ports. Its wireless cell phone hook-up promises seamless connectivity on those long drives to the outskirts of the city, while its affordable price range make sure you don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying its classy interiors.
2.       Honda Civic: Another affordable sedan from the house of Honda, this one leaves no stones unturned to pack in a solid punch for your money. Priced at a neat $19000, this is perfect for daily commuters who want a durable car which provides good fuel efficiency. Its turbo-charged engines provide a fun and powerful driving experience, while its stylish design is completely worth flaunting on social media!
3.       Volvo S90: If luxury is what you are going for, trust this Scandinavian company to do the job right. Volvo is synonymous with high quality automobiles which come with the promise of durability, power and style, and this sedan is no different. It amps up the classy touch with real wooden features and a simple touchscreen. This car offers a serene and smooth ride and has a hybrid plug-in option as well. Volvo’s understated, beautiful, safe and calm presence has definitely placed itself as one of the solid contenders in this segment.
4.       Chevrolet Malibu: The Chevrolet Malibu stands out in the segment of affordable midsize sedans thanks to its wide range of engine choices and high technology features. Its turbocharged 2litre, 4-cylinder engine and 8-speed automatic transmission is proof of its powerful performance, while its patented touchscreen interface and music platforms like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto make the driving experience much more fun. Be it for weekend getaways or those long waits at the traffic, get ready to turn up the volume and enjoy your drive with this versatile beauty.
5.       Toyota Camry: The ever-reliable Camry from the house of this Japanese company has always remained a buyers’ favourite. It has been constantly evolved over the years to retain its place in the market. The recent ones also include some sporty features. It holds good on its promise of a no-nonsense transport experience. Its redesigned version includes driver assistance features and improved infotainment system with an 8-inch screen. Expect better driving convenience with its LED headlights. It is this attention to detail that has helped the Camry retain its loyal base over the years.
These were our favourite sedans from across various price ranges and categories. Did you find yours?

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