Top 5 Hatchbacks of 2019

Are you thinking of going on family outings in a comfortable car which promises a lot of fuel efficiency and cargo space to load up the picnic basket? Or are you just looking for a safe, efficient and budget option for solo commuting around the city? Either ways, a hatchback seems to be the perfect option for you. These little delights promise great efficiency, safety and comfort.  They are a breeze to park when compared to bulky SUVs and long sedans. What’s more, a lot of hatchback options are available in the affordable price range. Read on to find out our favourite!
1.       Ford Focus: Ford is back with a bang. With its latest hatchback offering, Ford packs in power and practicality into one model. The interior space is a lot, given its size. And the exterior designing is simply classy. This fourth generation of the Focus series is available in both petrol and diesel variants, and the ST line of this series is the sportiest Ford has gone with hatchbacks so far.
2.       Volkswagen Golf: This is the gold standard of family hatchbacks and the highest selling car in Europe, with good reason. Also, its sales in other parts of the world are what contenders only aspire to beat. The biggest reason for this immense popularity is classy look and the promise of a comfortable, safe drive that totally justifies the slightly high price of $21000. Its spacious and beautiful cabin makes it perfect for a family or friends’ getaway, while its 1.4 litre engine, standard safety features and infotainment system ensures the drive to the getaway remains fun.
3.       Mazda 3: One of the best compact cars available in the market, this beauty was fully redesigned for a launch in 2019, which includes super stylish interiors, a more evolved engine and a better infotainment system. These features coupled with its superior performance and easy acceleration place among the top of its class. If you are looking for a sporty feel in your drive and can do with a slightly constrained second seat row, this is definitely your best option.
4.       MINI Clubman- MINI’s 2019 hatchback is revamped with new trim structures and much more. The handling is top notch, even for the basic model. An all-wheel drive, a rare feature for this class, is present in this model. The cabin is made of high-quality materials which give it a clean and sophisticated look. The infotainment system is highly intuitive and user-friendly, and the cargo space is quite a lot. As such, this model strikes a perfect balance between fun and practicality, and thus justifies its slightly high price tag.

5.       Hyundai Elantra GT: This revamped version of Hyundai’s hit hatchback series is part of its sixth generation. Major changes include the availability of a sunroof and leather seating which will amp up the style quotient to a whole other level. The cargo space is ample, and the steering is smooth and easy to control. The 2-litre engine is quite powerful, and the transmission is decent. The noiseless cabin and great temperature control ensure that your friends or family have as much fun riding the Elantra as you do while driving it.
Quite clearly, we were torn between these options while trying to pick out a clear favourite. Go through the list of features and pick your favourite within your budget. Happy driving!

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